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Welcome 2 WAS

Welcome to WAS - World Art Store, where Artists world wide can start they're own Gallery!. 

Below you can see an *example of a PAID Gallery. A FREE Gallery will look the same, but with only 3 art works and less options. How to start your Gallery? Read more...

The Penthouse heatwave Buddhas Blessings

"The Penthouse"

US$ 299,-

Order nr: 0005  Buy Now


US$ 299,-

Order nr: 0004  Buy Now

"Buddhas Blessings"


Framed Paradise bird by night Chokdee


US$ 299,-

Order nr:0003  Buy Now

"Paradise bird by night"

US$ 299,-

Order nr:0001  Buy Now


US$ 299,-

Order nr:0002 Buy Now


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The Night

      The Night 

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